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About Manchester Auto Body
Since 1962 Manchester Body Shop has provided motorists in Elmira NY and surrounding area’s comprehensive Auto Body Repair Services which included All Accident-Related Repairs, Paint & Refinishing, Towing, Frame Straightening, Free Estimates and much more.
Our goal is to offer the best services available to get YOU our customer back on the road in no time. 

Here at Manchester’s you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our Auto Body Specialists provide! We have years of experience working on both domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models. 

Manchester Body Shop was founded in 1962 which was formally called Gerard’s Body Shop which originated at 207 Pennsylvania Ave in Elmira NY. Gerald Manchester and son Jerry Manchester were the owners of the Body Shop.

In March of 1972 Gerald passed away leaving the shop to his son Jerry who took over all the duties of running a business the way his father had taught him.  

Then 3 months later after losing their father the tragic flood hit in June of 1972 leaving the body shop in shambles with nothing left on Pennsylvania Ave. Jerry picked his self up and found a new location to start the business up and running again. Which to this day is located at 962 S Main Street and Jerry partnered his brother Bob into the family business. The Manchester boy’s ran the business for 34 years earning the respect of each and every one of their loyal customers. 

In 2006 with great dedication and pride the boy’s decided to sell the family owned business to start their next adventure in life “retirement”! ( By the way Jerry and Bob still make their weekly visits to us and we enjoy every moment and story they have shared with us over the years ). Local and long term friends Mike Ryan and Scott Cornell teamed up and purchased the business from the Manchester boys. Both having 25 plus years in the industry they became the perfect fit to carry on the Manchesters legacy.We have dedicated our time and staff to proudly carry out the name and history of their business and to keep the great relations of their customers who now are our customers to carry on the name.  It is our great pleasure to still be called Manchester Body Shop and to still continue to serve the old and the new customers with great respect and quality for over 51 years.